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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 27, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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matter and loretta lynch will get her vote to be the next attorney general of the united states next week. we'll see. states next week. we'll see. "first look" is up next. good morning, everybody. right now on "first look" new details about jihadi john the public face of executioners and what terror authorities are doing next. >> new video of islam terrorists destroying artifacts. here in the u.s. a homeland security shutdown could be imminent. >> republicans tried to get the spotlight but had to battle these two who stole the show. >> are you ready to travel at high speeds in a tube. good morning. i'm betty nguyen. >> we have news on jihadi john. new information on just how
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brutal their reign of evil really is. >> 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism. isil conducted more attacks than any other terror groups. >> one victim james bolly was executed in front of the world by jihadi john. thursday his mother said the u.s. has to do more for hostages. >> reporter: his british acsengts was one of the few clues to his identity in isis propaganda campaigns, he's shown from behind a hood. he's mohamed emwazi mid-20s, college educated. came to kuwait in 1994. the son of a well-to-do family. police and reporters gathered from his home far from his syrian desert where he was a front man for a string of
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murders. journalist james foley last august then another journalist and british aid workers, american aid worker and two japanese hostages. this man knew emwazi in london. >> does it sound like the man you compromise >> i can't be certain but i do find there's a number of similarities. >> reporter: the reporter who identified him said he wasn't always violent. >> and he was shy person. very interested devoted to religion devoted to his family. >> reporter: he studied computer programming at london's westminster university leaving in 2009. sources said while in uk he did have connections to extremists in somalia and was known to the british security agencies. but he left britain in 2012 for syria where he joined isis and become a symbol of their brutality.
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the daughter of one slain hostage said identifying him was a good step but she wants more. >> i think all families will feel closure and relief once there's fear in his eyes. new images of isis in action. soldiers smashing artifacts. the men use hammers and power tools to destroy priceless pieces of history. some of the statues more than 2,000 years old. new video released inside iraq the u.s.-led coalition hammering isis with nine air strikes. five air strikes were also conducted in syria. back here at home new developments tied to those three brooklyn men accused of wanting to join isis. a fourth man is being questioned in norfolk, virginia. the fbi want to know if he has any ties to three men. the men were allegedly interested in doing anything
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including bombing coney island and killing president obama. the deadline is getting closer and still though no deal. homeland security is just hours away from having no money. the funding fight once again drawing criticism from nypd commissioner bill bratton. he said given the current threats for this country holding an agency in protecting america is bad. >> reporter: problems and paychecks will keep rolling after midnight after a temporary fix congress votes on this morning. just for three weeks. a meeting between the house and senate. >> hopefully senate will go to caucus with us. >> reporter: the senate is voting on a different plan. full funding not temporary with no mention of immigration.
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homeland security secretary jeh johnson says a temporary fix will not work. >> this is not just an inside the beltway political jousting. a failure to fund the department of homeland security fully has real impacts on public safety. >> reporter: new york's police department is weighing in this morning in a statement commissioner william bratton outlines all the programs he would lose if homeland security shuts down. he calls it irresponsible at best and dangerous at worse. lawmakers are exploding in frustration. republicans are criticizing each other. >> whatever it takes to get it done and shows how off the rails the republican party is. >> the republicans best and brightest were on full display during the first day of cpac and had one thing in common likely 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton. check this out from our friends
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at >> we could have had hillary here. but we couldn't find a foreign nation to foot the bill. >> abc is all about clinton news network. >> like mrs. clinton i too have traveled the globe. unlike mrs. clinton i know that flying is an activity not an accomplishment. >> nbc is the nothing but clinton news work. >> i'll ask you about three people, first words that come to your mind. hillary clinton. >> washington. >> cnn is the clinton news network and poor old cbs did it to themselves the clinton b.s. network. >> i want to say hi to that hot chick in row seven. bill clinton. >> youth outreach. >> so much ridiculous stuff
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being spewed out of the white house. >> we'll shift gears now. this sent the internet and cable news abuzz yesterday. two llamas on the loose in sun city arizona. >> reporter: in sun city this may have been the very definition of the wild west. a slow sometimes high-speed pursuit of two llamas on the loose breaking away from their owners at times from each others seizing their moment and their shot at freedom. >> something you don't see every day. >> reporter: the two hour chase carried on live and cable news. this wild tale dubbed llamas on the lam. arizona karnls agreed to one year deals with llamas on the loose. this was the biggest since o. j.
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like most getaways it didn't end well for the suspects. running out of breath and time they were lassoed by modern day cowboys. a good run while it lasted. it's not often you see a llama lassoed. let's get down to business. >> business is running wild over here. stocks are a mixed bag on thursday. trading flat. nasdaq closed just under half a percent. at one point during trading it came within 11 points of the 5,000 mark which it hasn't seen since march of 2000. s&p 500 closed down marginally. fcc voted to implement new rules to ensure net neutrality. companies that provide internet services should treat all
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internet data equally. i don't know but what do you think? what color is this dress? >> clearly a blue dress with black fringe on it. >> i agree. no brainer. one of my co-workers said i think it's pink. >> about 75% of my co-workers think it's white and gold. which floors me because i don't see it at all. >> it's going crazy. the simple question what color it is. it ignite ad firestorm online. it's drawn more visitors to their site at one time than ever before. it's crazy. >> for people that see certain colors, there's no doubt it is blue and black or it is white and gold. i just have no idea how it is white and gold. i can't see it in there anywhere. >> we're on the same level. black and blue. >> thank you.
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one of our reporters is doing a story on safety. that right there. yeah. wyys crashes into part of a snowman in greenville south carolina kept her perfect smile. she wasn't hurt. this san example of whatnot to do when you're sledding. >> she did slow herself down. >> it doesn't look like it was soft and fluffy at all. >> she did move it too. >> it was encased in a frozen ice something. >> been so cold in the north they don't even sled any more. let's talk about this cold because it is back after the snow from a few days ago. we have another snow event coming this weekend. old man winter rep fuses to go
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away even as we head into the beginning of march this weekend and it looks the two coldest mornings is today and tomorrow. wind chill chicago negative 14. not fun. negative 4 in buffalo. this is your coldest february ever and your coldest month ever recorded and that goes back 1700 months. that's how impressively cold it's been. wind chills not as bad in the daytime. 21 at nashville. very cold day for the late afternoon. saturday morning wind chills still in the negative numbers in the great lakes. single digits from d.c. northward. saturday night this blue is snow. st. louis, kansas city chicago, indianapolis will get snow and eventually that will all move up here through the ohio valley and sunday, sunday night up through new england. so this time monday morning i think we'll be doing snow clean up in areas of new england and new york city. >> back to that dress. i'm still wondering how
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people -- >> i'm seeing it both ways. >> really? >> yes. >> i see it only as black and blue. the great mystery of the day. the 10th and last al qaeda suspect linked to two u.s. embassy bombings has been convicted. the man was found guilty in the kenya and tanzania bombings. bobbi kristina brown experienced seizures as doctors tried to wean her off the drugs that they used to induce her into a medically induced coma. >> remember the 911 operator who told a 13-year-old girl to stop whining as her father lay dying. he's fired. take a listen. >> so two people were struck? >> yeah they both. >> stop whining. it's hard to understand you.
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>> they just laying here. they are just laying here. >> is there somebody else we can talk to. >> it's only my little brother. >> the girl's father actually died and his fiancee was seriously injured. republican senator jim inhofe has been saying that climate change is a hoax. but does this stunt really help him make his point? >> in case we have forgotten because we keep hearing that 2014 has been the warmest year on record i ask the chair you know what this is? it's a snowball. just from outside here. so it's very very cold out. very unseasonable. mr. president, catch this. ah-ha. >> and a shout out to this burger king franchise owner. tom barnett got a new corvette and a rolex watch after being awarded the company as franchise of the year.
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so what did he do? he sold them and got other franchises to pull together their own money and handed out bonuses to more than 100 of his employees. a friday bonanza of scrambled politics including cpac gems straight ahead. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment.
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19 minutes past the hour. here's your friday dish of scrambled politics. republican governor scott walker is back. a promise he made at cpac.
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he made this analogy about why he should be the next president. >> for years i've been concerned about that threat. i want a commander-in-chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical islamic terrorists don't wash up on american soil. if i can take on 100,000 protesters i can do the same across the world. >> well in an e-mail to the hill a spokesperson for governor walker said he was in no way comparing any american citizen to isis while the governor was saying while faced with adversity he chooses strength and leadership. rick perry had this reaction during an interview. >> trying to make the connection between isis and unions was a mistake. these are americans. we're talking about people in the case of isis who are beheading individuals and committing heinous crimes. this is the face was evil. to try to make the relationship
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between them and the unions is inappropriate. the senate voted unanimously to award the congressional gold medal to those who participated in the "selma" march 50 years ago. the bill heads to house to which passed its own version earlier this month. next week president obama as well as former president george w. bush will join a bipartisan delegation for a three day pilgrimage to commemorate bloody sunday. likely absent from the event, steve scalise. he made always in december after admitting to giving a speech to a group founded by former kkk leader david duke 12 years ago. the congressional black caucus urged scalise to attend the summit. he hasn't made a firm decision about it this year but says he'll definitely go next year. and a congressional push to award former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle with the highest military award. texas congressman roger williams has introduced a bill that would
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award kyle the congressional medal of honor for his service in iraq. this week a texas jury constrict former marine accused of killing kyle and his friend in 2013. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. 21 minutes now just turning 22 minutes past the hour. i have your friday morning talk about politics and all that's going on in this wild and whacky world. >> happy friday betty. >> speaking of whacky. we'll get to that in a minute. a lot of fiery speeches at cpac. anyone pull away from the pack. >> we have to wait to see who will pull away to be the front-runner. two speeches that stood out to me were carly fiorina and also new jersey governor chris christie. carly fiorina is positioning herself to be the attack dog in the republican party for 2016
2:23 am
against democratic candidates. she really made a fiery speech. it was kind of comparable i think, to the type of rhetoric that we used to hear from former alaska governor sarah palin who also spoke yesterday. then also with new jersey governor chris christie he tried to position himself as the anti-jeb bush if you will who will speak today. so, you know they are kind of going after the same donor base. it was interesting to hear him say that former governor bush was more of the establishment. i'm interested to see how the governor bush responds to that. >> that's going to be very interesting. back to wisconsin governor scott walker his lack of foreign policy credentials could hinder him. he suggested his experience in battling labor unions in wisconsin was the same to battle
2:24 am
isis. is this going to hurt his possible potential bid? >> here's the issue with governor walker's remarks. you're right. first of all, he since walked back on those comments but not able to articulate his policy. we're talking about the gaffe not about his policy which he hasn't laid out yet. he's got to find a way to stay on message and we noticed this especially with governor walker in particular over the past few weeks. folks, a lot of folks across the country he still has a little bit lower name recognition. he has to make sure when he's out there making these speeches he's talking about his policy. we saw just governor texas governor rick perry criticize him on that and i think he's really got to stay on message, deliver his policy especially when talking about something so serious like the isis terrorists. >> absolutely. that's definitely not a joking matter. thank you so much kevin.
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leading this morning's news on, the hyperloop moves closer to becoming a reality. the idea is to move people in capsules. hyperloop just signed an agreement to build a five mile line. the oscar dress has gone missing. it's worth $150,000. sheriff's deputies are investigating. we're still investigating do you
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see this dress as black and blue or gold and white? i say black and blue. >> i saw blue and black. and white and gold. >> all right. >> surprise. >> the jury is still out. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ good morning. congratulations. you have almost made it through the work week. it's friday. you've almost made it through freb. february 27th. this is "way too early." good morning. we begin this morning in washington, d.c. where it looks like that shutdown of the department of homeland security may be avoided at least for now. now dhs funding runs out at midnight tonight. house republicans have finally agreed to vote today on a clean three week extension of funding something we suggested here on "morning joe" yesterday morning. it would postpone the deadline to march 19th and leave lawmakers three weeks to
2:30 am
reconcile their differences over dhs financing and immigration policy. before that stop gap compromise was introduced speaker john boehner was pressed by reporters on whether or not the house would take up the senate's clean bill one that would fund the department for the rest of the year and not cause a government shutdown. john boehner's performance, anything but dull. >> i just think it's outrageous that senate democrats are using homeland security funding for blackmail to protect the actions of the president where the president himself said he didn't have the authority to do this. yesterday the white house press secretary said that this is a fight amongst republicans. it is not a fight amongst republicans. all republicans agree that we want to fund the department of homeland security and we want to stop the president's executive actions with regard


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